Our Scariest Days At Sea (4 days from land)
There are times when sailing feels like Murphy's Law in action. Because if anything can go wrong, it will. And, most likely, it will happen at night.

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Today's story picks up where we left you hanging last week. With the news that our life raft locker, and all its contents, had been taken by the sea.

Staring down at the gaping hole in our cockpit I made the decision to carefully pack away my wild imagination and put it in our waterproof, fireproof safe with our other precious valuables.

And even though we've been on terra firma for a couple of weeks now, I still haven't retrieved it. Because my mind is still reeling and I don't know what to think about all that has happened on this voyage. One part of me wants to chalk it all up to a calamity of coincidence and the other part of me wonders what nautical deity we must have pissed off.

Either way, I'm starting to understand why sailors are such superstitious folk.

Grab a tall glass of something good and settle in for what is no doubt our scariest days at sea. I hereby dub this passage, and chapter of our lives, as "Lessons In Fortitude With Murphy".


We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.

Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:

00:00 The Recap of 7 days at sea (& Intro)
01:08 The Ocean Ripped a Hole in our Sail Boat
02:46 Protecting our Lithium Batteries from Saltwater
03:27 Covering the GIANT Hole in our Cockpit
04:32 Mid-Ocean Diesel Fuel-Up
06:01 Mixed Emotions & Terrifying Thoughts
08:20 BIG WAVES - Seas Are Building
11:23 First Sea Life during our Sail
12:04 Light Wind & Calm Seas - Flying the Spinnaker
14:55 Land HO! New Zealand on the Horizon
16:08 We Lost Our Dock Lines
17:32 Night Arrival to New Zealand (A Little SCARY)
19:20 NZ is Kicking us off the boat for MIQ
21:15 Hotel Quarantine in Auckland, NZ (SO/ Hotel)
22:52 We've Lost Faith in our Vessel


© Gone With the Wynns 2021

  • ecovention

    Welcome to New Zealand :-)

  • Bri Bruce
    Bri Bruce

    glad yall are okay & everything!! just wanted to pop in, though, and say AWESOME music starting @ 5:08! More please! (i navigated back from another pg)

  • Pat Ransil
    Pat Ransil

    First, congrats on making it to NZ! At one point you were showing the SOG as 6 and Apparent Wind Speed as 5. Did you have a strong current in your favor? Any idea what your 'boat speed through water' was at that time. In my Leopard 46 I would need a very strong favorable current to do an SOG that is a knot higher than the AWS, even running the spinnaker.

  • Jeff Mosser
    Jeff Mosser

    Just wanted to say congrats!! I’ve never thought about sailing around the world. Just the confidence that you have to go out and really live is very encouraging. I’ve subscribed and can’t wait to catch your next adventure. Shout out from Memphis Tn. If you’re ever in the area drinks are on me.

  • Jessica Overfelt
    Jessica Overfelt

    That hatch thing looked pretty scart

  • New Age Of Sail
    New Age Of Sail

    There are other comments that address the most important question here: what are your lives worth? Your boat is a sheltered-water cruising boat, regardless of what the builders represented, or what you might have been told when you bought it. It is not a bluewater crusing boat that can handle anything you might run into 1,500 miles from the nearest harbor, not with those huge windows and monster cockpit that could easily be filled with tons of water. The sea didn’t “Rip A Huge Hole In Your Boat”, a poorly-designed and implemented part of your boat simply fell off, taking thousands of dollars worth of liferaft, and your ultimate safety at sea, with it. “Big Waves, Seas Are Building”? Be honest, at least with yourselves. You might have 25 knots of apparent wind; boat speed plus wind speed, but look at the “seas”: you are in 6-foot wind swells with an occasional whitecap on top. I’ve had my 37-foot trimaran for 3 days in a Southern California South-Easter storm in what the USCG Point Conception station was reporting as: “winds 50 to 55 knots with higher gusts, seas 25 to 30 feet”. I went out “daysailing” once in what the Half Moon Bay Coast Guard station was reporting as 40 to 45 knots, seas 18 to 25 feet, and I believe your boat would have been pounded to bits in those conditions. I’d be a little more concerned about my life and the life of my loved ones. Go “cruising” in the Caribbean, or in the Chesapeake, with this boat. If you want to go open ocean, get a proven open-ocean boat that’s in good condition, whose sister-ships have been through serious weather conditions with no problems, not a calm-water charter catamaran. Just my two cents. I’ve always hated hearing about people and boats lost at sea over the 50 years I've spent on the ocean; it never gets easier, and is often a tragedy that could have been avoided. With Warm Aloha, Tim 37-foot cutter Spice, 56-foot cutter Tropic Bird (oceanpeople.org)

  • nozaku

    The locker hanging down into open sea like that is a HUGE design flaw. Glad you where ol.

  • Silent Unicorn
    Silent Unicorn

    Have safety harness- Doesn't use them.

  • Lee Turnbull
    Lee Turnbull

    Well done guys 👍🥃

  • Melissa8472

    theirs no way i could deal with quaranteening on top of leaving the boat and being nowhere near anyone for 10 days and then having to.

  • Mobile Players
    Mobile Players

    That doors is for emergency exit.

  • Linda Sue Counts zzipy12
    Linda Sue Counts zzipy12

    OMG!!!!! I had visions of Mobey Dick jumping out of the water onto your boat!!! I could hardly breath!! Oh to be young.....and brave. Happy anniversary!!!

  • Darlene Becker
    Darlene Becker

    We had a 30 ft Bahama Islander, monohull. One year we got caught in swells crossing Lake Huron from Canada back to Michigan where the swells were taller than the top of the mast. We were surrounded by water. I white knuckled it for several hours at the helm while my husband attempted to reef the main and we threw in a sea anchor to try to stabilize the boat. It was definitely an OMG experience that I never hope to duplicate. I kept thinking if the Great Lakes could take down the Edmund Fitzgerald ( freighter) it can certainly chew up our tiny boat. Definitely thought I was going to die on that passage. Nothing else has ever come close.

  • Jeroen Jansen
    Jeroen Jansen

    I think your catamaran is not be safe for ocean sailing. You cannot always avoid bad weather. Your life raft should be the last thing left. Without it and without a dinghy you will be left floating in the sea when your boat sinks. Breaking windows with water gushing in. 🥶Glad you made it!

  • hydrostatics

    How do you get youtube to stop showing me these videos

  • Bert

    I prefer a full displacement monohull to a cat or a tri for ocean crossing. Like a Pacific Seacraft. If possible a double ender like a Union 36 is a very nice looking boat. Lots of stress on a boat that has more then one hull. Tri's and dual hulls are really meant for coastal cruising not for crossing oceans. And so are many monohulls.

  • Toto M
    Toto M

    It certainly makes you respect the power of the ocean 🌊. Take care ,

  • Daniel Christian
    Daniel Christian

    I guess I don't 100% understand what happened to the locker. Did an insert fall out? Did something break?.......

  • wayne banks
    wayne banks

    I am curious as to why you chose to run down the top of the kermadec ridge and not the deep water off to your port, been smashed about north of Raoul myself

  • trekOCLVone

    I hope you don't have a Lagoon 450 - they are having massive bulkhead failures.

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      Scary stuff for sure. We have an 2005 Leopard 43, bulkheads are good. 😎

  • Andy Batchelor
    Andy Batchelor

    Why are they not sailing?

  • LostNorthUp

    In case it matters, this was one of your best videos. Not because of everything going wrong, but the way it came together in editing with music, comments, storyline, etc. Really well done. You guys are so good at this.

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      😘 🙏🏻

  • Piotr Trocki
    Piotr Trocki


  • greg fender
    greg fender

    Use that squid for bate!

  • Richard May
    Richard May

    Wow, 4 days out and no life vests or lifelines...hmm that looks a bit risky

  • Aaron Christensen
    Aaron Christensen

    After 1.55 mins. 🤬🤬🤬 secured your safety equipment. Not watching the rest.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo

    that locker is a worst design for any catamaran. Obviously who ever designed it does not sail the seas.

  • Ilya Ostashkov
    Ilya Ostashkov

    Jeg kender også en meget enkel applikation til vindprognose - Cyclono

  • JT

    The quarantine rules for sailors are absolutely moronic. I can't believe so many governments do this.

  • Fred Malkin
    Fred Malkin

    Hi, related to the ear issues... There is a Neuro otologist in aukland named Melanie Collins at southern cross healthcare.

  • Savvy Bleu
    Savvy Bleu

    I’m an ole retired lady and absolutely love to watch yall

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    "Everyone"s been really friendly" Totally. Must have been top of the Stasi training course. "Whilst you're being a 24 carat plum, be really "friendly".

  • melissa serbian
    melissa serbian

    Has anyone ever told you, you look exactly like Audrey Hepburn... the resemblance is crazy, your beautiful!!

  • mbcris

    With the loss of your life raft, it would have been worth some time to bring patch and inflate Minion as a backup.

  • Dennis Wintjes
    Dennis Wintjes

    I missed last week. Like #27K+ Wow. I am normally under Like 1000, this is different.

  • davidkachel

    Please post the manufacturer of that boat so we all know what NOT to buy!!!

  • Jeff Morton
    Jeff Morton

    Video was dramatic and suspenseful. The skipper and his mate kept their emotions under control, but the underlying tension, the fear, and the unforgiving sea made this video a bit nerve wracking to watch. I felt considerable relief when their journey was over. I’d like to believe that this ocean passage gave them a bonding experience like no other.

  • Simon Moorcroft
    Simon Moorcroft

    So what design genius decided it was a good idea to deliberately put a large hole in the underside of a Cat's bridge deck? The area always takes a pounding in any kind of sea. That was an accident waiting to happen. If the water had hit the batteries and killed all the lights on a pitch dark night, you could run out of cabin and fallen straight through the hole. I know the answer. The same kind of genius who puts a poorly designed understrength bulk head in a Lagoon 450 just so they can improve their profit margin by a few dollars on the hugely expensive boat you just bought from them. Oh and then risks people's lives by denying their is any problem with their design.

  • Jeri Clarke
    Jeri Clarke

    I love how you can still appreciate the beautiful day right now.

  • Reasonable Person
    Reasonable Person

    Lithium still needs venting and cooling to prevent thermal runaway, which can occur if they get too hot.

    • Reasonable Person
      Reasonable Person

      @Gone with the Wynns A lot of unknowns with cell manufacturers outside of Japan and SK - zero cell makers at this point in the US. What separator, what type of electrolyte are unknowns in many cases. It's still the wild wild west. Lithium cells do vent gases. You can see the vents on top of the cells before enclosed in the pack. Under charging and discharging, the cell temp can increase by almost 100 degrees F and so it doesn't take much. There is some "marketing" in the 130 degree F number max temp - ideally should be less. New industry, still have can't rule out shorts and so not a fan of the product on a boat. You guys are doing great though!

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      No, it doesn't. Something like an electric vehicle that does a huge rapid discharge does, but you could turn everything on that boat on at the same time and these batteries still wouldn't get hot enough to start a thermal runaway. Lithium iron phosphate in this type of use setting doesn't require ventilation. But you don't have to believe me - the internet will back me up. Curious Minion

  • Colin Fletcher
    Colin Fletcher

    Remind me what make that cat is so I never sail one.Cov is total Bull 🐂 don't take deadly jab

  • fredio54

    Not hating on you, but there are no tourists allowed - why were you not told to turn around and go somewhere else? This doesn't fit my understanding of how NZ has kept covid free most of the last 2 years. What do I not know about their strategy? Can I catch a flight there now?

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      Check out the video from today - they explain how they got in. Curious Minion

  • Brian Ford
    Brian Ford

    Why do you have a panel in the bridgedeck hull?

  • James Hampton
    James Hampton

    You guys are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing

  • Shane Healey Broome
    Shane Healey Broome

    Good stuff guys well done🇦🇺🍻👍🤠

  • Sailing Nandji - Frothlyfe
    Sailing Nandji - Frothlyfe

    ohh geeze.. we know the feeling of multiple things breaking at sea and Nikki summed it up so well with it being hard to convey how it feels. You can be panicking one minute and then totally calm, working through the problem the next. You guys handled it like champs! Hopefully we bump into you if you're heading for the land down under!

  • Eric B
    Eric B

    Better find a desert island.

  • Steven Wonder
    Steven Wonder

    "If anything is going to happen, it's going to happen out there." - Captain Ron.

  • Rob Shellhamer
    Rob Shellhamer

    You guys are an inspiration, glad you made it to civilization safely!

  • Andreas Setterhall
    Andreas Setterhall

    Well done on getting to NZ safely regardless off the issues you faced along the way. Glad to see you made it and that the boat stayed in one piece mostly atleast ;-)

  • Linnie Penny
    Linnie Penny

    Scary stuff, brings back to my mind of the Perfect Storm and the crew of that sea vessel that got caught in it!

  • Vince Greensill
    Vince Greensill

    So glad you made it. Quite an ordeal.

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    Per Nikki at 21:06, "I know I am forgetting something, I just don't know what it is," as she walks off wearing her life vest. Great episode as usual guys!

  • Merv

    Cup half full... Now you have a moon pool :D But seriously, great to see you safely in port.

  • Skíðblaðnir

    Lithium batteries still require ventilation to prevent thermal runaway.

    • Gone with the Wynns
      Gone with the Wynns

      Generally speaking, no they don't. If they're in something like an electric vehicle where they are subject to large & rapid discharge, then yes. But those batteries are also a different chemistry entirely. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries under normal use do not need to be ventilated. But don't take my word - Google it. Curious Minion

  • Charlie McEwan
    Charlie McEwan

    So casual about walking on deck untethered, no liferaft and their last means of escape/survival the tender not even inflated !??? Wow casual attitudes at sea get people into life or death situations very quickly and too quick too inflate the damn tender. Sharks love dumb sailors.

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Some excitement! Glad you made it...

  • Leah C
    Leah C

    You two are definitely brave!

  • FBurckhard

    Just a comedy off errors.

  • Slcm02

    Raft stowed in the lower part of hull?.

  • Paul Jamieson
    Paul Jamieson

    Have you guys watched this before?? It's on Omaze. .. uzmilk.info/number/bdRskn-BeXaZorE/video.html

  • Moto Adventure NZ
    Moto Adventure NZ

    Great that you made it through safe! Wow, your quarantine was so much nicer than ours! 😄Lucky you! 👍🏼 Welcome to Aotearoa!

  • Bailey M
    Bailey M

    Holy $hi+

  • Thomas Alexander
    Thomas Alexander

    wondering what the water temp is?

  • Trevor Ford
    Trevor Ford

    I'm getting stressed out just watching this video, glad you made it back tho. I think sod's law apply to this trip, what a journey.

  • Mitchel R********
    Mitchel R********

    "The Govt just wants to make sure everyone is safe." You shouldn't get to vote anymore. People like you are how the Germans got Adolph.


    How did the capsule/department separate ⁉️ 🔍🤔 Sress fracturing, ør & design default❔❕🏝🌊

  • Vadim Smilansky
    Vadim Smilansky

    what not kills you, makes you stronger. if we see this video it means you made to the land and I am happy that you did it.

  • Peggy Lasswell
    Peggy Lasswell

    Check out operation lockstep, agenda 21, the great reset. UK lockdown will be permanent

  • kurtmcq

    funny. I also watch a channel winhippiesaling where a young woman is sailing her POS boat solo around the world. She was in Tonga when you were in Tonga. Her boat doesn't even have a refrigerator. She always gets where shes going.

  • J. Mike Dvorak
    J. Mike Dvorak

    Hay gang, am happy you two are safe, time to take a breath and sort things out. You are in the best place you could be, much talent where you are, Cheers, sharktoothhoundog @ yahoo.com

  • Xavi Roig
    Xavi Roig

    What’s the name of the song when you are flying the spinnaker?

  • Rob M
    Rob M

    Some excitement! Glad you made it...

  • C-Jade dlc
    C-Jade dlc


  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc

    how old is this footage?

  • Burlington Bill
    Burlington Bill

    Ever since my song Sailing to Freedom was used a couple times on Sailing into Freedom I have been super interested in the music playing on these sites. We go back to the time you guys were RVer's. My wife Rosalie and I have been traveling for over 50 years now. Going back to when we went from Fort to Fort to train troops for Vietnam( We ended up in Germany). anyway we had a 1966 Mustang with everything we owned in it at the time. Burlington Bill here, Keep on Rockin!

  • Sikder Diamond
    Sikder Diamond

    thanks for inspiring me

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston

    Honestly, I’d have been tempted to scuttle it and collect the insurance if I actually still had a life raft…. Lol. The water seems to warming up slowly with the frog in the pan with all the hints she has been sending your way! Glad you made it, but we knew that already when the new videos started dropping!

  • chiliman321

    I don't think i have ever commented but i have been with you since the RV days. But i gotta tell you this one was a bit frightening! Time for a new boat perhaps? Curiosity seems a little tired Thank you for sharing your amazing lives with us.. Be safe!!

  • Susan Meehan
    Susan Meehan

    I think your RV life seemed so much more fun. This seems terrifying to me!

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    What a journey! When you said from middle America to middle earth it got me right in the feels!!! 😭😭😭 YOU MADE IT!!

  • Castaway

    At 30:00 in the video you can observe how the Privilege digs into heavy seas, no bouncing. uzmilk.info/number/gqmEy5evm6h9Z9M/video.html

  • Reality TV
    Reality TV

    You know what I love most about you two? You two don't make excuses for anything. If something bad happens, you just acknowledge it and get on with living! You do your best and work with what you have. You don't lie or BS and you give us the good, the bad and the ugly. I am so glad you guys made it. I was literally anxious about this passage because I know Nikki needs a doctor in addition to the boat having issues. I'm glad you guys made it and I hope everything works out the way it should. You guys are awesome! You’ve come a long way from those early days in the RV! LOL! Glad you guys are safe and in one piece! 🥰

  • Rex Smith
    Rex Smith

    Rogue wave, r u ready for it?? Looks like u two r taking too many chances, like not having secure lines to yourselves walking on deck, I'm sure u get it all, be carefully sure!

    • Rex Smith
      Rex Smith

      @abbsnn cose what r u yaking about?

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      in plastic spout. Only takes a 20-30 seconds to empty a 20L can. Keep up the great content!

  • Grant Grove
    Grant Grove

    That was a pretty serious failure of the structure. You handled the situation pretty well. I probably would have 4200 glued the life raft hatch and maybe a few screws. Imagine losing the cover to a big slap and have it go ob. Glad your safe.

  • Castaway

    I’m thinking upgrading to a heavier and larger cat like a used fifty foot Privilege might be a great fit for you two. They’re steady on rough seas due to their weight and they are built like armored tanks.

  • TCB

    OMG the repairs to Curiosity are going to be MASSIVE $$$$$$ ! I'm thinking it's time to upgrade/change out Curiosity for Curiosity II. Think of it as a safety issues and your sanity!!! Maybe try and cut a marketing deal with a major catamaran brand to ease into a new vessel. Either way you're going to need to make some major decision on the future of Curiosity and your sailing adventures because these repairs are going to be expenses and will they really make this boat of this age viable for the sailing you guys do. I just don't think so! Anyway it's your decision and we all don't know you're financial situation but I for one would not like to see you back on the ocean on an old boat like Curiosity (even if it's like family)! it's time to move on for both you're safety and sanity ! Just saying. Big Smile my friends :)

  • Hector Fernandez
    Hector Fernandez

    A lovely couple living everyone's dream of seeing the world with a true life partner. Stay good to each other!

    • FBurckhard

      They probably kill each other off camera

  • greg baniak
    greg baniak

    It looks that time takes toll on your boat...

  • PatQuam Travel
    PatQuam Travel

    So scary, you guys have an awesome mindset, especially in this type of situation.

  • roger kendall
    roger kendall

    Welcome to Covid Free New Zealand have done that delivery trip many times .You guys handled it so well being in the middle of No Where can be a little Daunting ! If you haven't found a berth to go to the one our boat is at Marsden Cove is a great friendly international destination .It seems that the overseas berths are semi empty and the slip area is a reasonable price . Glad to help if you need anything I'm a retired Boat builder and have a lot of contacts discounts etc .Cheers Roger

  • HANA77

    That is not a flag it's our very last sail!

  • Bob Gabbett
    Bob Gabbett

    WOW ... lots of comments and some genuine concern for your welfare, maybe they are right and a new or newer Curiosity is called for like Ruby Rose or Matt & Jessica are doing. Ye have done so well in such a relatively short amount of time and ye have achieved so much from the water pumps for the villages to raising money for Pip the cat to highlighting the cancer drug treatment for Paul and countless other worthy causes, now it's your time to reevaluate and be proactive rather then have to be reactive in other words YE NEED A NEW BOAT ! Stay Safe & Fair Winds !!

  • Kehena Beach
    Kehena Beach

    a 20-inch (50 centimeters) thick wave lip, only 3.2 feet wide, in a summer three-foot wave. Total weight? A solid 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds). That’s a lot of force to contend with! Do you have any Damage Control materials (shims,bracing,clamps and patching etc.)

  • Wayne Domigan
    Wayne Domigan

    Welcome to NZ hope everything gets better from here & you have a great time. 💚🖖🇳🇿😎

  • curacao11 (Alsino Ferreira)
    curacao11 (Alsino Ferreira)


  • Michael J Morris
    Michael J Morris

    Just saw huge volcanic eruption in New Zealand hope you guys are okay

  • Zape68

    Ouh, You went to NZ, say greetings to Shaddy and Barry🤗🤗

  • H bomb
    H bomb

    A screw gun and some screws would of been a smart fix, just screw the lid down, and the caulk all the seams with 5200 or whatever else you got: i but its a stand failure for a leapard, I would get it hauled out and do a good inspection, all the best

  • Falney

    Isn't this the sort of incident where you get onto VHF and ask for help? On a side note. Aren't those rafts supposed to self inflate? Imagine being the boater that finds it floating around with no one on board.

  • Jesse Saunders
    Jesse Saunders

    Just a suggestion for refuelling... Buy a long "jiggle-syphon" hose. It will allow you to secure the fuel can to an anchor point, and the flow rate is significantly higher than the built-in plastic spout. Only takes a 20-30 seconds to empty a 20L can. Keep up the great content!

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